Hiroko is a Japanese -born painter. She currently lives and works in Chiba, Japan and exhibits her works mainly in Tokyo. 

The artist’s painting career began fifty years ago while she's in a high school. Since then, she's pursued a creative career with challenging new materials and different styles.


From the artist
I began painting almost fifty years ago,
continuously experimenting with new materials over several decades.
Today, I prefer multiple mediums combined on the same canvas or jute,
to achieve a form of visual and emotional harmony.
I am fascinated with mineral pigments and charcoal,
for their dense hues, and collage for its unexpected texture.
I feel that all works are self-portraits for an artist.
I really strive to create my own recognizable, original lines, shapes and colors.


Hiroko   WADA's CV


Graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University

Moved to Paris in 1988

Returned to Tokyo 1994

Studied in Paris as a fellowship from the Japan Ministry of Education and Culture in 2001


Solo Exhibition

1981 Gallery Salon de Bona,    Tokyo

1995 Chogin Atrium Gallery,     Tokyo

         Gallery Nouvel,           Kashiwa

1996 Chogin Atrium Gallery,     Tokyo

1998 Sogo  Art Gallery,         Kashiwa

1999 Onuma Art Gallery,         Yonezawa

         Sogo  Art Gallery,         Kashiwa

2001 Gallery Kawatoku,         Morioka

         Goraku  Gallery,          Tokyo

2004 Goraku  Gallery,          Tokyo

2007 Gallery Ginza ARTONE,    Tokyo

2010 Galerie Tokyo Humanité,   Tokyo

2012 Gallery Siramizu,         Tokyo

2015 NOHO M55 Gallery      New York

2018 NOHO M55 Gallery      New York


Groupe Exhibition

1970  Modern Art Association, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum

1971  Select works Exhibition by the Ministry of Culture, Shinano Museum

1976  Showa Kai Prize Exhibition, Gallery Nichido,  Tokyo

          Shell Art Prize Exhibition, Central Museum,  Tokyo

          Yasui Prize Exhibition, Seibu Museum,  Tokyo

1977  Nominated for a regular mender of  Modern Art Association.

          Showa Kai Prize Exhibition, Gallery Nichido,  Tokyo

          Yasui Prize Exhibition, Central Museum,  Tokyo

1979  Yasui Prize Exhibition,Seibu Museum,  Tokyo

1980  Yasui Prize Exhibition,Seibu Museum,  Tokyo

          invited to  Exhibition of Modern Manierism, Tokyo

1982  Exhibition of Future Prospect, Saitama Prefectural Museum, Omiya

1985  Exhibition Tableau Now, Gallery center point, Tokyo

1991  Exposition Giappone, Centre Culturel, Milano

1992  Salon d'Automne, Grand Palais, Paris

1993  Salon d'Automne, Grand Palais, Paris

1995  Left  Modern Art Association.

          Asahi Select Works Exhibition, Asahi Art Gallery, Tokyo

1996  Shell Art Prize Exhibition,Bunkamura  Gallery,Tokyo

          invited to Grands Et Jeune D'Aujour d'Hui, Espace Eiffel-Branly,Paris

          Exposition ARTEX PARIS, Gallery Elyete Peyre, Paris

           Asahi Select Works Exhibition, Asahi Art Gallery, Tokyo



1970 Encourage Prize:  Modern Art Association

1971 New Artist Prize:   Modern Art Association

1972 Associate Member Prize:  Modern Art Association

1996 Win a prize: Shell Art Prize Exhibition

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